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The Brunardot Theorem (BT): c = 2v s

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  • The Brunardot Theorem (BT): c = 2v s

    The Brunardot Theorem (BT)
    C = 2v s

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    The Brunardot Theorem (BT)

    C = 2v s

    A corollary of the Brunardot Theorem is the Inverse Square Law.

    The Brunardot Theorem (BT) defines every ellipse and demonstrates that the vector, "v," is a salient structural part of all ellipses. The vector, "v," is a line from a focus to the end of the minor diameter that is equal to one-half the major diameter, M. It is the vector which is defined by the Pulsoid Theorem, v = εP, which defines every elliptical shape as a Conceptual Ellipse (CE).

    The diameter chord, "C," is a line between an end of the major diameter, M, and an end of the minor diameter, m.
    The soliton, "s," is half the distance between the foci.
    The amplitude, "a," is half the distance of the minor diameter, m.

    The Elliptical Constant is a corollary of the Brunardot Theorem; as,
    the Elliptical Constant is a constant for every elliptical shape that is
    defined by the Brunardot Theorem, C = 2v s.

    The Brunardot Theorem is the symbolic foundation of Pulsoid Theory.

    Another corollary of the Brunardot Theorem is the Pythagorean Theorem.

    The Elliptical Constant, εpsilon = One, is the Rosetta Stone for rationalizing all fundamental phenomena, which phenomena evolves to all that exists; and, therefore, said Elliptical Constant is the root of all Knowledge and Wisdom; and, with such understanding: Science, Theology, and Philosophy are united

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