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    The Unified Concept (UC)

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    This post is in memoriam: Philip Morrison [1915-2005]

    The Unified Concept concerns the etiology of the phenomenon of seminal motion.

    The Unified Concept is at the congruent locus of Reality and the singularity. It could be argued that the Unified Concept (UC) is where Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP) unite.

    Simply stated: the Unified Constant is pure motion . . . before force or energy.

    The Unified Constant can be considered a reasoned argument that may well be quite lengthy and beyond this forum . . . for now.

    That said; look about; where is there not motion? And, where is there not an example of a singularity within the hyper-relativistic motion and geometry of the fundamental Pulsoid, as heuristically found within the Infinity line, that symbolizes the source of all that exists?

    The Unified Concept is that which requires, at most, a minuscule of faith as defined within Conceptualism.

    To repeat: the Unified Concept is that which manifests between a singularity, Oneness/Infinity, and Reality. This manifestation is simply described as motion and its antithesis, which is motionlessness. Because of the nature of a singularity this motion is prescribed and, heuristically, defined by the geometry of a Brunardot Ellipse.

    An Ephemeloid and a Coalescent are the simultaneous, seminal manifestations that are the immediate resultant from the motion that is the Unified Concept.

    The Unified Concept describes the seminal pulse, a Coalescent, consisting of two juxtaposed, hyper-relativistic, syncopated, and complex, oscillating Pulsoids.

    And, the seminal structure, referred to as an Ephemeloid, which is the resultant structure of three forms of oscillations as generated by Pulsoids, which are, heuristically, described by the motion of Infinity lines (IL) and Brunardot Ellipses.

    The direction of the pulsation of the moving phenomena (Pulsoids), outward and inward, is conventionally described as a plus+ or minuscharge; and, accounts for an explanation of what antimatter actually is..

    There can be no fractional resonances/Resoloids; therefore, as Murray Gell-Mann should be reminded, and I’m sure he well knows, there can be no fractional charges.

    The Unified Concept was named and first discussed with Philip Morrison in the Spring of 1955. It was Philip Morrison that quickly located a sought for proof in a book, "Essentials of Fluid Dynamics..." (title of original authorized translation 1949, Hafner Publishing Company) by Ludwig Prandtl concerning the work of C. A. Bjerknes.

    Subsequently, as a consequence of the Unified Concept, a link to Reality was forged with a description of Triquametric motion and fundamental logic as demonstrated by the Elliptical Constant. The Unified Constant was the forerunner of the "String" theory.

    See: The Unified Concept: The Core of Pulsoid Theory

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