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Default More Dimensions Than Meet the Eye

Table of Contents
.......The Elegant Universe
THE ELEGANT UNIVERSE, Brian Greene, 1999, 2003
```(annotated and with added bold highlights by Epsilon=One)
Chapter 8 - More Dimensions Than Meet the Eye
More Dimensions Than Meet the Eye
Einstein resolved two of the major scientific conflicts of the past hundred years through special and then general relativity. Although the initial problems that motivated his work did not portend the outcome, each of these resolutions completely transformed our understanding of space and time. String theory resolves the third major scientific conflict of the past century and, in a manner that even Einstein would likely have found remarkable, it requires that we subject our conceptions of space and time to yet another radical revision. String theory so thoroughly shakes the foundations of modern physics that even the generally accepted number of dimensions in our universe—something so basic that you might think it beyond questioning—is dramatically and convincingly overthrown.(Epsilon=One: Possibly; dramatically; but, not convincingly. It's quite likely that string theorists are confusing the "curled up" dimensions with the various types of oscillations that constitute a Pulsoid, such as: slide, swing, vibration, pulse, rotation, spin, et cetera.)
Table of Contents
.......The Elegant Universe
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