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Old 11-06-2014, 11:17 AM
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Default Dream post or hallucinations

I was to sleepy to move but would not fall asleep. I start to doz off but im awoken by my pillow moving its a snake . Its head comes from under my pillow and moves slowly toward my belly making sure to make eye contact with me.I feel like throwing up but for the first time in my life i cant do anything my powers are gone . Its geting biger and I realy cant move I start to swet and breath very heavy . The snake is black and white and looks in my eyes like dude if you make any suden movments your geting a big bite and its moves in my bed like an opponent in the ring . Im to sleepy to move and i usualy keep my gun under the bed on that side but I cant reach becuase of the snake perfect timing . I see it breathing this is to real I start to cry because I feel helpless and it stops coming from under the pillow but dosnt stop moving . Its showing me that its to big for me to see all of it at this angle . I try to scream but becuase of the true shock of the moment and being so tiered i cant speak .

Its head is by my stomarch now and its neck is bent ready to strike . All I can do is pray or cry I havnt seen a snake like this . I feel like some one is behind me controlling the snake . It might be the devil breathing down the back of my neck like the snakes charmer dearing me to harm his demond thats probly how the snake got here in the first place . It did not bite me .Its so thick I can tell its twice as big as can see . Why is it black and white the head is huge it breaths as I do .

The snake dances to the song of evil and mock me becuase I cant move . I feel paralized I never breaks eye contact exept to slowly move my head to see the shadow behind me seting in a chair facing my bed . I turn back and its breathing more quickly .I lay with it for an hour bcuase I cant move but im so sleepy it hurts . Finaly I just past out. I awake the next morning and i see that the snakes imprint in my sheets ans a spirall under my pillow seeming to be the gate way. I Find no snake I wish I did becuase it was well trained and it looked exspensive .
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