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Pulsoid Theory A Paradigm shift! in symbolic theoretical physics. Pulsoid Theory as the 1955 precursor of String Theory is the philosophically logic rationalization of String Theory's enigmas.

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Old 03-08-2008, 07:21 AM
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Default The Elliptical Constant resurrects String Theory & Resuscitates Loop Quantum Gravity

The Elliptical Constant (EC) resurrects String Theory (ST)
& Resuscitates Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG)

There are many salient conceptual errors in both String Theory (ST) and Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG). In general, both theories have little concern with the source of the mathematics that they rely upon, which mathematics Kurt Gödel found to be fundamentally unproved; and, possibly, ultimately, unprovable as Gödel demonstrated with his Incompleteness Theorem (GIT).

String Theory’s (ST) evolution from the fundamental concepts of Pulsoid Theory (PT) relies heavily upon attempting to reconcile the four (some count three) metaphysical Standard Model (SM) forces and concepts with little more than skewed logic and symbolic mathematics.

Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) provides little, or no, rationalization for force unification. Neither ST nor LQG define the orthogonal dimensions and time other than, essentially, as circularly in terms of one another. Both theories are silent on the source of the Inverse Square Law (ISL); and, both are not easy to reconcile with Standard Model observations; nor, are they directly amenable with each other. For these reasons, and many other reasons, these theories have become increasingly maligned both from within and outside of academia.

However, both ST and LQG have many meritorious concepts that are outside of the conventional Standard Model theories. String Theory saliently concerns oscillating, string-like manifestations (OSM); and Loop Quantum Gravity concerns concepts of quantized space (QS). Both OSM and QS are important prerequisite concepts for a complete rationalization of Reality . . . the environment in which human beings exist.

The Elliptical Constant (EC), a most salient concept of Pulsoid Theory (PT), provides the Rosetta Stone for establishing, in accordance with IPSO, a viable foundation for understanding the five major, theoretical enigmas concerning ST and LQG: 1.) The source and proof of mathematics; 2.) The geometry and etiology of OSM; and, 3.) The geometry and etiology of QS; 4.) The etiology of the orthogonal dimensions and the subsequent Inverse Square Law; and, 5.) The etiology and geometry of the "clock" that establishes fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT).
Pulsoid Theory explains: 1.) What the "strings" of String Theory (ST) are; and, 2.) What the "quanta" of Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) are; and, most importantly, 3.) How the "strings" and "quanta" are linked to Nature . . . the "real" world of existence.
The motion vectors from the dynamic, emergent separation (DES) of a dimensionless point within a dimensionless sphere generate the complex, oscillating (slide, swing, and vibration), string-like manifestations (OSM), referred to as Triquametric motion (TM) that forms the quantum, double, ellipsoidal “envelope” of quantum space (QS). It is the harmonic resonances of OSM that manifest as Resoloids (fermions that are ejected to bosons) within the quanta of QS.

The EC, heuristically, relates the Pulse/time and motion vectors in a most elegant, and familiar manner:

ε = v/P² = One,

which is referred to as the Pulsoid Theorem, a corollary of the Brunardot Theorem:

c² = 2v² - s²; and,
c = P(Sq rt(r + v));
1.) P = Pulse/time (usually multiples of εpsilon, "ε.")
2.) ε = emergent, energy element that Max Planck demonstrated must be a constant;
3.) s = P² - P, and r = 2P – ε, for the obtuse, cosmic Emergent Ellipsoid; and,
4.) s = P, and r = v² - ε, for the complementary, acute, nuclear Emergent Ellipsoid.
See: Legend below the Image of the Equilateral Emergent Ellipsoid within the thread at: Quantum Constants’ relation to Natural integers.

PT provides the mathematics and geometry to understand the scale of general relativity's Cosmic lengths and the manner in which such enormous values are directly related to minuscule Planck values. Thus, providing one of the theory's many links between Cosmic theory and quantum theory.

Pulsoid Theory is a complete theory that rationalizes and unifies: 1.) All the fundamental forces of Nature; 2.) Demonstrates the Natural source of mathematics; and, 3. Unifies Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP) as a creed referred to as the philosophy: Conceptualism.

The salient oscillations of Pulsoid Theory were first introduced, in the Spring of 1955, at Cornell University; and since, distributed throughout academia, without ever being publicly challenged by the academic élite.

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