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Originally Posted by The Thinker View Post

I just have many questions about the creed of Oneness: is it a religion, way of life, or just informative tool, to everlasting peace and tranquility?

Would someone answer please…!

ONEness is NOT a religion. ONEness Creed is the antithesis of religion. Religion is dependent upon faith. ONEness Creed is dependent upon the minimizing of faith and the maximizing of 21st Century wisdom as defined by Philogic. Philogic is the amalgam of the academic disciplines of Science, Theology, and Philosophy.

Oneness as used in the above mentioned website "www.ONENESSCREED.US" is a completely misunderstood application (semantically inconsistent) concerning the concept of Oneness. As such, www. ONENESS CREED.US apparently confuses Oneness with the diametrically opposed religious concept of "One" as used in most all major religions.
The religiosity of ONENESSCREED.US is obvious from the home page with comments that oppose the universal unity of ONEness such as: "He is Allah, the One!" and "Guided by Godly principles...we believe, above all...that the rights of man come not from the bounty of the state but from the outstretched hand of God."
The same confusion can also be found at the companion website:

Also, – because the plural is applied to the domain name – is a perfect example of a non sequitur.

Oneness is a concept that is closely related to IPSOism; whereas, One is a concept of Theism.

ONEness is:
A secular, ecumenical Creed
of tolerance, individualism,
sustainability, compassion, the Golden Rule,
and 21st Century wisdom
for all persons.

ONEness is:
A practical amalgam of Reality,
wisdom, observation, and
. . . the spiritual.

ONEness is:
An anthropic extension of
the First Postulate of Reality,
which is consistent with all aspects
of Science, Theology, and Philosophy
in accordance with Natural Laws,
Philogic, and IPSO.

Thus, ONEness is:
A Universal, evolving Creed in search of Truth.

For those with a further interest in an in depth understanding of the ultimate universality of the ONEness concept and related websites including see:

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