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Default Very special quality

A higher standard of living is what bring us here today. We come together to try and find the best way to live, or treasure. Making sure never to commit crimes against people we earn respect and honor though being noble gentlemen . A very select few people can gain the powers we have or control them as long.
We feed our minds with the knowledge of the great book and exercise our brains with music and conversations of treasures to be found, things to fix or create and things we must erase for the greater good. We work for ourselves for the public to overcome the evils that hold them back such as court, violence, drugs, homelessness, depression and anything . There is no problem we we will turn down no question we will not try our best to answer. no one can stop this because I have the right to do everything I can to better the world. I am one of the angles sent to the world before the coming of the Lord to help guide the people and help find the missing peaces of this puzzle we live in. My task is not to punish but to teach the transition to heaven in this lifetime. I am a messenger with a message that will never end for those who are chosen to listen because this is more than a choice .
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