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Originally Posted by The Thinker View Post
...the creed of Oneness: is it a religion, way of life, or just informative tool, to everlasting peace and tranquility?
A very good question.

The ONEness Creed is many things to many persons. Basically it can be all of the above–plus much more depending upon the whims of a person's inherent wisdom.
An important goal of ONEness Creed is to bring religious differences (including the agnostics and atheists/humanists) to a 21st Century understanding such as there is a Oneness of a basic understanding of: where we have come from, where we are going . . . and how we should behave in-between.
The effect of the ONEness Creed upon any person depends upon how deeply the Creed is understood and upon the person's educational and/or worldly background.

The ONEness Creed is for everyone; though, particularly for those seeking tolerance, wisdom of their fundamental environment . . . and, a philogical understanding of god and Heaven, which will satisfy not only the layperson; but, the most eminent persons of Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP).

My answer is short, semantics are difficult. I'm certain you'll probably have more questions now then when you started.

Please continue to ask (drill down with specific questions) about what may seem confusing.
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