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    ABOUT INFINITY . . . and, its Duality
    Let there be LIGHT . . .
    and, before that
    the space quantum, the fabric of
    the Universe, "dark" matter, from
    . . . Infinity.

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    This post is in memoriam: Georg Cantor [1845-1918]

    Infinity is the fundamental source of all motion/energy within the Universe; said motion/energy oscillates . . . never parting from its source as it emerges into and dissipates from the Universe.

    Therefore, Infinity, the singularity, can be neither added to nor subtracted from . . . thus, the Conservation of Energy Law.
    We might characterize the history of mathematics for the greater part as the history of the struggle of human thought with the concept of infinity.
    .........~ C. H. van Os, "Handbook of Mathematics," 1963,
    ...................................English translation by I. N. Sneddon, pg 4.
    Being able to fully perceive "nothing"/"nil," which is the attribute of a singularity from within Reality, is very difficult; as, there are no comparable percepts.

    Such is a singularity . . . quintessential simplicity; yet, such is the source of all the variety of the total environment in which we exist. It is this singularity that is referred to as Infinity.

    By definition: there can be only one singularity. And, thus Infinity is the only absolute; as well as, the only provable, because Infinity can not be disproved.

    Infinity is the locus of a limit that can be approached, but not reached from Reality.

    Infinity is a manifestation of speed; not distance, or size.

    The infinite and the infinitesimal, which are, respectively, infinite speed and motionlessness, are not found within Reality; thus, being beyond Reality, they are Infinity.

    Thus, as a singularity: the locus of the infinite and infinitesimal are congruent; and, are often referred to as the Duality of Infinity.
    Infinity, within Conceptualism is referred to with many words that have slightly different connotations; however, all have the identical meaning. The words are such as: ONEness, motionlessness, maximal speed, singularity, absolute, UnReality . . . even god; and so on.

    Infinity is indefinable; however, most subtly, the effects of Infinity are discernable by a careful examination of the most fundamental manifestations of all that which exists.

    Perhaps, what is most counter-intuitive about Infinity; and, at the same time, of the utmost importance, for an understanding of the structure and Triquametric motion of seminal phenomena, known popularly as "dark" energy, is that: Infinity, from within Reality, is approachable at three, congruent points that separate, heuristically referred to as an Infinity line; or, more saliently:

    The effects of Infinity manifest within Reality, as oscillating, harmonic vectors that create pulsing resonances,
    which emerge and dissipate as described by the symbolic Emergent Ellipsoid (EEd) . . . infinitely.

    To solve any problem that
    has never been solved before,
    you have to leave the door
    to the unknown ajar.

    -Richard Feynman
    Nobel Laureate Physicist.

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