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    There are many dimensions; most of which are quite obvious and "not folded away."

    Dimensions are currently not very well defined by the Standard Models of physics, which define dimensions circularly . . . in terms of one another.

    A clear definition of dimensions, and where they come from, is one of the first requisites for a clear understanding of the environment that we live within . . . Reality.

    Dimensions are a way of describing the location of something. Like your home, the bedroom, and your bed can be considered dimensions if they described where you are when you are sleeping. The "time of day" would be a dimension as it can help locate where your bed is in space with regard to the location of the planet Earth, et cetera.

    The problem becomes a bit more complicated when you have to describe, from Earth to an observor on Earth's Moon, the location of a subatomic manifestation, that is spinning, in a galaxy beyond our local supercluster of galaxies.

    A partial list of dimensions, that can be considered for locating particular phenomena would be something like the following:

    Time: Cyclic, Linear, and many variations thereof, depending upon its source "clock."

    Motion, which is usually not very well described as speed which is an amalgum of other dimensions.

    The orthogonal frame of three dimensions.

    Direction vectors for all known systems of reference that are involved.

    Description of Axes.

    Description of Spin (retro or forward).

    Oscillating crests and troughs of pulses (vibration, slide, and swing).

    We quickly have 12, or more, dimensions that are not too esoteric.
    The difficulty with the concept of dimensions is that too many theoreticians, in many disciplines, try to make dimensions more esoteric than they are. They are not so complicated, except in understanding where they come from. Just because mathematics can manipulate sets, arrays, algorithms, exponents, et cetera, does not mean that Nature can so manipulate dimensions. The chances are that if a dimension is not clearly understood that it is only a true dimension in the mind of the presenter.

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