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The Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR)

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  • The Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR)

    The Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR)

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    This post is in memoriam: Sir Fred Hoyle [1915-2001]

    Let there be Light . . . and before Light, there is the mass of Pulsoids.

    The Equilibrium Theory of Reality (ETR) is a steady-state theory that rationalizes the perpetuity of Reality that is intended to supplant the illogical Big Bang paradigm with a more realistic alternative that can explain the time frames of super, super-galactic clusters . . . and the time required for anthropic life to have evolved.

    The Big Bang paradigm, unlike ETR, makes no allowance for countervailing forces, acceleration, conservation, or containment.

    The Universe is singular, perpetual, with a locus congruent with the duality of Infinity.

    The central theme of ETR is that of the four Congenerc Realms of Reality . . . along with a cogent paradigm for Infinity.

    Any valid theory concerning the Universe or Cosmos must provide, or be reconcilable with, a rational explanation of the Universe’s container. Only Pulsoid Theory’s (PT) Equilibrium Theory of Reality does so.

    If there were a beginning
    it would be the quiet calm of
    coalescence; ludicrous
    bang of compression . . . Never!

    The Equilibrium Theory of Reality rationalizes the endlessly repeating cycle of coalescense, propagation, compression, and dissipation of the quanta that comprises everything that exists . . . including percepts, space, and time.

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